How to remove nasolabial folds with fillers

The presence of nasolabial folds is a normal human anatomy, however with age these folds may become deeper. Углубление носогубных складок возникает прежде всего вследствие возрастных изменений кожи и подкожно жировой клетчатки, постепенно приводящих к гравитационному птозу (опущению) мягких тканей щечной области.

Restylane: drug reviews

Restylane ® is a dermal filler based on stabilized hyaluronic acid, which is used to smooth wrinkles and folds, correct atrophic scars, and also to increase cheekbones, cheeks and lip volume. Manufacturer - the company "Q-Med" (Sweden), which in turn is part of the pharmaceutical company "Galderma", specializing in the development and sale of drugs for dermatology.

Paraffin therapy for hands at home: reviews

Paraffin therapy for hands and feet, face - is widely used by cosmetologists to achieve good skin hydration, improve its condition, as well as an addition to manicure and pedicure procedures (to improve the condition of nails). This is not an expensive service - paraffin therapy for hands; the price in the cabin will be only about 500-800 rubles.

Dysport: reviews, photo before and after

Dysport (Dysport ®) is a botulinum toxin type A preparation manufactured by the UK company Ipsen Products. According to the mechanism of action, it is analogous to Botox ®, having exactly the same indications for use, as well as a similar high safety profile. In Russia, the drug is sold in bottles of 300 and 500 U.

Why suddenly "Botox" did not get up

I am afraid that this article will not please colleagues who work at beauty salons and mostly inject botulinum toxins illegally. And in 95% of beauty salons do it exactly illegally. This article is a must-read for those who are only going to put Botox, Dysport or any other botulinum toxin for the first time, and will save you from frustration and complications.